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Enduring Power of Attorney

Enduring Power of Attorney

At different times in our lives we need help from different sources. When things are difficult it is sometimes not easy to know where to go and who to ask. For instance when our loved ones are no longer able to make legal and other important decisions for themselves where do they turn. Appointing someone who holds power of attorney can be a quagmire.

Changes to the law from 1st October 2007 mean that Lasting Power of Attorney takes the place of Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA). From this date, EPAs already in existence will still be valid. You only pay a solicitor if you need to register an EPA (i.e. have attorneys act for you), not just to set it up. After this date, anyone wishing to appoint attorneys to act on their behalf, Lasting Powers of Attorney will need to be set up and registered (attracting a fee), whether or not they are eventually needed. This does not need to be registered until your attorney believes you have become or are becoming incapable of managing your affairs.

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